Friday, March 24, 2006

Corporation - The Corporation (1969)

Formed in Milwaukee in 1968 at Cudahy's Galaxy Club where the Kondos brothers joined up with members of an outfit called Eastern Mean Time. Some months later they were heard by Capitol reps at another club The Bastille, which the band had bought into.

With a contract for an album the band journeyed to Detroit to record at Terra Shirma studios with producer John Rhys. Released in February 1969, the LP is notable for the side-long psychedelic rework of John Coltrane's India. All tracks on side one were group compositions. It was successful in several regions (No. 3 in Milwaukee) but only rose to No. 197 in the national charts.

The group made more recordings but a deal for a second Capitol album fell through and this material was eventually spread across two LPs released by the band on Age Of Aquarius, a Cuca custom label. Fuzz, Acid & Flowers



Jondalar said...

Many thanks by your work, but could you include the artworks?
Thanks a lot for do it :-)) said...

I got this record back when it first came out and have been listening to it for nearly forty years, wondering where they came from, who they were, why I thought I was the only person on the planet who had a copy. When I got my burner, it was one of the first records I ever copied to CD, mostly because I had to borrow a turntable to play it! As much as I liked the off-kilter, hyper-fueled attack of Side One--like "I Want To Get Out Of My Grave"--it was Side two that still holds me entranced to this very day, this very moment when I can hear "India" drifting through my consciousness, foru decades of weaving in and out of my life like some golden thread of existence. Thank you very much for sharing it with the community here.

Miguel Tobon said...

Can someone share the lyrics?