Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Heavy Balloon - 32,000 Pound (1969)

Solo album of east coast acid blues american combo. Folk, acid blues and psychedelia in 9 tracks now difficult to find like Barnayard blues or an hard surrealistic version of I Don't need no Doctor. Bobby Nothoff of Heavy Balloon also plays with Rocket & theCrazy Horse. Another member of the band C.Osborne also compared on David Peel album and Yoko Ono line-up.

Wild US bluesy acid-rock, with fuzzguitar, Highlight: Barnyard Blues



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I just discovered your wonderful blog and am anxious to start checking out some of the music (especially the folk albums). I just downloaded Julie Felix and can't get the password to work (I've tried numerous combinations, including both of the standard passwords). Any ideas?

hmenonprog said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for Add my link.
I add your link too.
Best wishes,

Lisa Sinder said...

2David - passwords are working - just checked ;)
all the passwords listed were corrected

2hmenonprog Thank you! always pleased & curious to find your new shares!

Davehidria said...

Hi Lisa, I can't seem to extract any of your files using Winrar. The passwords don't work. I tried Three Man Army & Cargo. Can you help? Like your taste in music, and can't wait to hear some of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa!
These guys rock really hard! :)

Anonymous said...

lead zeppalin is the best track, it just blew the roof off my mind