Monday, March 27, 2006

Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen/No.2 (1968/1969)

At last on CD, the fine 1968 debut from the famous Danish '60s psychedelic band. Packed full of fuzzed up guitars and with acid jams a plenty, you also get their 1969 album as well. Including an electrifying 10 minute jam session with Burning Red Ivanhoe. Superb stuff! Freak Emporium

The musicians from Young Flowers had a great influence on danish progrock in the late sixties and the beginning of the seventies:
Band: Peter Ingemann, Peer Frost (Rainbow Band, Midnight Sun, Savage Rose) Ken Gudmann (Culpepers Orchard, Defenders, Danish Sharks)



Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much Lisa - I have tried to get these for many years! I once heard a tape of some of their stuff and they blew my mind - they sounded like a mix of Cream, Canned Heat, Spirit, The Doors and even a bit like U2.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from Bill!!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for this danish band
i'm agree with bill they sound like canned heat and the doors who's create they're personnal and exellent sound
1000 thanks

Anonymous said...

Thank you remindig me that Young Flowers were an amasing band, it turned ot that I still have the original vinyl recond as goos as new, at the time it eas released, I like far most danes didnt apreaciate the freaky attitude. By the way Savage Rose still exist, one of the mainfounders died in US last months.

Knut said...

This is a freaking great album :D Love the slurry, druggy way the vocalist sounds. Guess the band spent a lot of time in Kristiania...;)Pretty freaky lyrics too " jeg er syg.." etc. Thanks a lot for sharing & keep up the good work!!

ogmonster said...

Thanks Lisa for these Young Flowers. All I had was the live one and it's great. Can't wait to hear these studio lp's. Thanks again. :)