Friday, March 31, 2006

Dream - Dream Archives (1969-72)

Complete unreleased album from Holland's best kept psychedelic secret, from the late 60's. Having formed out of Mother's Love, this band went on to make this collection of tunes which would lay on the shelves for years, collecting dust. This is unheard '60's Dutch pyschedelia that will be a must for collectors. Freak Emporium

The music The Dream makes is mainly sixties psychedelic music with some blues influences, as can be heard on Can you hear me howlin' or on Sleeping rose. Sometimes they remind me of The Kinks (We'll be back yesterday morning) or The Doors (Dino, Four phonecalls). The music is mainly vocal oriented, but there is also a big part for the guitarist. The most progressive track is The diamond and the fool.
(Dutch Progressive Rock of the Seventies)

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Sam Stone said...

I never heard of this band, so I started digging a bit more. For the Dutch readers here is some more information which I found at the National Pop Institute at
It's funny: they only mention 3 singles in their discography and now via the USA (?) an album is coming to us.

The Dream
The Dream uit Tiel komt voort uit de progressieve rockgroep Mother's Love (1966) waarvan in 1967 twee singles en een LP verschijnen. Tijdens de vele optredens maakt The Dream gebruik van filmprojecties en vloeistofdia's. De nummers van de band worden geschreven door Floris Kolvenbach.

periode 1966 - 1973

Floris Kolvenbach gitaar, toetsinstrumenten, zang
John Van Buren drums
Rini Wikkering gitaar
Rob Heuff basgitaar

1966 - 1973 The Dream speelt in het locale clubhuis De Haai te Tiel, maar ook tijdens grote festivals als Holland Pop Festival (Kralingen), Jazz Bilzen en de eerste editie van Pinkpop. The Dream treedt ook op in Parijs en Londen en speelt samen met Pink Floyd o.a. in Maastricht en het Concertgebouw te Amsterdam. Op de televisie voert The Dream gedeeltes uit rockopera's uit in het programma Dit Is Het Begin. Na drie singles valt in 1973 het doek voor de band. Floris Kolvenbach maakt vervolgens deel uit van Mirakel Muziek en Metal Voices.

Anonymous said...


I heard about this cd and this group, and always heard many good
stories about it. The cd was out on
Pseudonym Records a great but defunct label. I'm glad to find it now.


Albert the Sunshine Boy

DJ Snufkin said...

What is the password for Cathedral's Stained Glass Stories, please? I've tried all sorts of variants on what is there, and nothing is working.


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tyomma said...

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