Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bloque - El Hijo Del Alba (1980)

A Spanish Progressive band with a few albums out. BLOQUE blend synth and Spanish vocals with electric and acoustic guitar (lots of electric) in a wide variety of styles. They were strongly influenced by the jazz, flamenco, and hard rock.
Their third album, El Hijo del Alba ('son of the sunrise') has a more 'progressive' sound on its first side, but the flip has more of the duelling guitars you can hear on their first two releases. There seems to be an actual string section (and some brass) on several tracks, particularly the linked parts of El Silencio de las Esferas, although opener Poemas de Soledad features considerable quantities of string synth and some murky Mellotron choir. Planet Mellotron

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Ras said...

Fantastic album!!!. Gracias lisa :D