Sunday, April 02, 2006

Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Long Years In Space (1967-68)

Highly sought after US '60s San Fran psych band who made one awesome album of 'Airplane like psych. This single CD contains all of their one and only album together with loads and loads of killer outtakes, loads of killer fuzz and keyboard dominated gems. This really is a must have. Freak Emporium
Marinated in influences as mind-splintering as the mushroom folk/rock blast of the Jefferson Airplane as well as the feel-good pristine pop of the Turtles, the Neighb'rhood Childr'n's one album trades hands these days for sums usually mentioned in ransom notes. We've added a dozen unreleased brownies, spun gold from the original session tapes, and Prof. Jud has squeezed the band's legend from vocalist Dyan Hoffman and guitarist Ric Bolz in this addition to the Dazed's acclaimed and essential Quakes From The Eureka State series.
Thirty seconds of ‘Feeling Zero’ is enough to bring on a rush of psychedelic pleasure. Fuzz guitar, swirling organ, a delicious melody that straddles the past and the future, a manic acidic solo—it’s a San Francisco gem. And we haven’t even heard from second lead vocalist Dyan Hoffman yet: on ‘Long Years In Space,’ she proves to be a dead ringer for Grace Slick, with the same carefully controlled power and harmonic sense. When Hoffman and Rick Bolz lock tonsils on ‘Changes Brought To Me,’ it could be a lost tape from the Surrealistic Pillow sessions” - Record Collector

Available from Sundazed

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oldhippy said...

From someone who still enjoys the Airplain this sounds intresting. Thanks for posting.

Mirco said...

It seems that almost 400 bands used to play in S. Francisco in the late '60...this is one of my favourites (amog the ones that I've heard...)

Thanks for sharing

Eddie Riff said...

Outstanding post again, Lisa! Thank you very much.

oldhippy said...

Now I’ve listened to the record I’m not disappointed. It has a lot to offer and is a lost gem there are some really catchy tunes one in which should have been a hit in its day. It also has the more demanding music, which was rife for its time. Good production first class playing and excellent vocals. A must have for all lovers of this type of music. Thanks Lisa.