Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mind Doctors - On The Threshold Of Reality (1976)

UK mid seventies drug fuelled Wicked Lady spin off band from around the period of "Axemen Cometh". This is even heavier. Instrumental acid fuzz guitar freakouts with doom laden backing.Wicked stuff indeed and deserves to be put on a higher recognition than it already is. Freak Emporium

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Anonymous said...

Pretty wild stuff here! Love it!!!

Played this while my son and his girlfriend were visiting and we all liked it quite a bit. Thanks.

oldhippy said...

Wonderful music good album. Thanks

romek said...

Very good music.Thanks

Anonymous said...

any chance of reposting this, among google search results is your blog, and another blog that refers to your blog, the remainder of search results is irrelevant junk, thanks

kinda like looking for an album called Somebody by a band called Anybody

† Electric Sabbath † said...