Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Franco Battiato - Pollution (1972)

This is probably the most “easy and accessible” album of Franco Battiato’s “prog period”…

The first side of this LP is a kind of “suite” with all the tracks bound to each other… “Il silenzio del rumore” (The silence of the noise) begins with the echoes of a waltz in “Strauss style”, then comes Battiato’s recitative voice “… Ti sei mai chiesto / Quale funzione hai? = … Have you ever been wondering / What is your function?”… Then a “percussive” rhythm guitar and a church organ lead to the sonic explosion of “31 dicembre 1999 – ore 9”… Then the keyboards introduce the theme of “Areknames”, that goes on with strange vocals and “experimental” lyrics (written in “reverse style”: for example Areknames = Se mancherà)… On “Beta” you have sound effects and recitative vocals that lead to a “mystical mood” while a piano play some notes of the previous theme “Areknames”… The conclusion of “Beta” is a philosophical question on an orchestral carpet: “Dentro di me vivono la mia identica vita dei microrganismi che non sanno di appartenere al mio corpo... / Io a quale corpo appartengo? = Inside of me live my identical life some micro organisms that do not know that they belong to my body… / Me, what body do I belong to ?”.

On the second side you have three more experimental tracks : the interesting “Plancton” with a kind of “space tarantella finale”, the less interesting “Pollution” and the final weak instrumental “Ti sei mai chiesto che funzione hai?”… In the whole I think that this album is an excellent addition to any prog collection! By Andrea Parentin Prog Archives

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