Sunday, April 30, 2006

Albrecht D - Endless Music (1974)

B.M.A.R A01-03albrecht/d. / endless music / stuttgart 73/74 germanyperforming: albrecht/d. (tabla, cymbal, stringinstruments), bernd jaiser (background vocal), grit backer (voc), axel knipschild (background music), thomas niggl (fl)cover: one-color print, part of the issue two-color print on grey cardboard.
no: there is not too much information on albrecht/d. to be found on the net. when you google for him: you will mostly find albrecht dürer: and of course there is a connection: as an instant performance and as a contribution to the albrecht dürer jubilee in 1971 dietrich albrecht changed his real name officially to albrecht/d.a/d. was born in 1944,lives in stuttgart/germany since 1958and acts like an artist since 1966.he worked and performed with beuys, throbbing gristle, vostell, paik, saree and many more.he invented permanent instant performance.he saved raoul hausmann from being forgotten.his work includes:mail art: endless music: processed copies: exhibitions: installations: concerts: stamps:art into society: instant life / love / death: kinky beaux arts: abstract energy: violence permanent:in 1979 he was part of the stuttgart punk & art posse:the young common time punks hated him for being an artist:but he inspired a lot of thee art core noise explorers.

cosey fanni tutti, genesis p-orridge & chris carter in 1974/1975 were c.o.u.m. transmutating into throbbing gristle.albrecht/d. lived and performed with them in their death factory in London.

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Loki said...

always curious about this, cheers...

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Anonymous said...

are you sure this is Endless Music?

It could be Abstract Energy.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this!

FYI, track B13 appears to be missing from the archive. There are instead two copies of B9.