Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sandy Coast - Shipwreck (1969)

At last a reissue of very hard to get UK only album from one of Hollands finest Progressive Psych band from the late 60's/early 70's. Chock full of ambitious rock music with nice extended guitar jams throughout. Contains 4 bonus tracks including their rare take on "Eleanor Rigby. Originally released on PAGE ONE. Freak Emporium

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Anonymous said...

(Hi, Lisa. I hope that all is well - we haven't "seen" you for several days).

This one is quite nice - thanks! Speaking of Holland would you have any Q65 per chance?



Sam Stone said...

Thanks Lisa for another album of a great Dutch band!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

You never cease to amaze us. Keep up the good work and keep educating us on the good music of psych and prog.

All the best,

PS: Three albums I heard a lot about but wasn't able to find everywhere I looked:

Eskaton - "4 Visions" (France)
Barry Miles - "Silverlight" (UK)
Moe Koffman - "Curried Soul" (Canada)

The last two have not made it to CD, or so I was told where I searched them. The first one is OOP for a while now.

Do you have them, and if so, could you please enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!

Steven K said...

Love this album, Lisa! Thanks a whole bunch!


Steven K said...

Excellent stuff, Lisa! Thanks much!


Norm said...

Could this perhaps be re-upped. Thanks for the great job you do!!!!