Saturday, April 01, 2006

Atila - Intencion (1976)

Excellent 70’s Spanish symphonic progressive rock album with a powerful progressive musical prowess. “Intencion” is very reminiscent at times of Pink Floyd (Meddle era) with great guitar soloing and a ton of great keyboard work (Hammond and moog). The songs on this album are very much inspired and this is an essential album to have in your collection. Although not a dominating factor and in fact vocals are used only in the first track, with them being sung in native tongue and being very well done. The album also features a female choir in sections which also works to perfection of the album. The keyboard work on this album is quite crunchy actually and really brings out different atmospheres throughout the album. The album features 1 epic track, the 16-minute "El Principio Del Fin" which offers a little bit of almost everything from Hendrix guitar soloing to more symphonic. Loserboy

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The Herbalist said...

Great blog Lisa. Please visit mine. We started it yesterday. We'll have prog and psych there..
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Ras said...

Another spanish Prog. gem. Gracias