Saturday, April 08, 2006

Eric Burdon & The Animals - Fuck Me!!! I Thought He Was Dead!

Produced by John Sterling and Snuffy Walden - recorded live in Germany and the USA. Vocals: Eric Burdon. Guitars: Snuffy Walden, John Sterling. Bass: Terry Wilson, Kim Kesterson. Keyboards: Ronnie Barron, Bobby Martin, Terry Ryan. Harmonica: Bobby Martin. Drums: Tony Braunagel, George Suranovich. Tracks 1-9 are from a performance at The Metropole (Berlin) recording tracks for the soundtrack of the movie "Comeback" released in 1983. Track 10 from a Monday night in 1971 at The Whisky (California) with Jimmy Witherspoon and John Sterling's band TOVARISH. This album was also released as a CD in the USA in 1999 (One Way Records OW 35132) and has been re-released by Thunderbolt in 2001 as part of a 2CD issue titled "Live At The Roxy / Greatest Hits Alive".

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Igor said...

Snuffy Walden plays guitar on this? Wow, I can hardly wait! I hope it's from whe he still rocked, before he turned into Mr. Soundtrack Megabucks.

Speaking of Snuffy, do you by any chance have any live Stray Dog ?

Great blog Lisa and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm from Hungary, and your blog is amazing for blues and hard rock fans... for example me! :))
Thank you for the musics, but please, look at for the links sometimes, I found dead links a lot, the last one is the Eric Burdon CD.