Friday, April 07, 2006


Hello My Friends!

The new weekend is coming - great.

First: I'll post two Stray albums - "Suicide" & "Move It" - they were requested in the relevant comments. So writing small comment could be useful ;)

Second: If you wish to share some of your prog/psych/garage... favourities - feel free to contact me & I'll post them with all respect & credits to the uploader (please rare & hardly to find staff). Attention: please no links without password matching your user name as all leeched links will be ignored!

Third: Please don't bother yourself writing password complaints in the comments - everything was discussed & settled plenty of times here ;)

Fourth: If each of you for all albums downloaded will buy at least one CD monthly - this will support the whole thing & provide us with great music in the future.

Enjoy the music & your Friday beer!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

A. How do we contact you/send you links?
B. I'd like to remain anonymous - hence I'd prefer to send via YouSendIt and If you care to utilize Rapidshare for overall sharing, that would be fine.
C. I really don't want credit for sharing...and, quite honestly, I do not want any legal hassles down the road. Once again, sending you music via YouSendIt or other method for you to post at your discretion would be preferable.

So, I'd like to participate, I'd like to share and I'd like to say thanks to all fellow bloggers, BUT I don't want to deal with the "sharing" issues?

My apologies if I seem tentative, but I just don't need another hassle in my life.

A Secret Admirer, avid collector and owner of a vast amount musical goodies)

Lisa Sinder said...

special "secret" e-mail will be delivered here during weekend ;)

Robbie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for what you are doing here. I'm sure you get peoples want lists all the time. Why don't you post some wants of your own. I'll help you out if i can.

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Robbie! Thank you!

I'll post my wants some day but at the moment lots of things to share ;)

Pressure_down said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the nice rarities collection. I'll definitely help you with more items shortly. I've got some items to offer. Please stay tuned...

Aveek from India said...

Hi Lisa,

Please please share the Stray albums atleast @192 kbps bitrate mp3. I'm a die-hard fan of Stray. Would you please share:

Stray - Stand Up & Be Counted and Stray - Houdini albums too? It's my request.


Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Aveek! teh majority of my share are 192VBR or higher but I'm not crazy about bit raes you know ;)

Lisa Sinder said...

Secret contact ;)

Please write to:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
Please contact as I am having trouble downloading some of your older links.... also i have a vast collection if you'd like to investigate... Shane C.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just found this site. It rocks! Thanks for the great music. Keep up the good work.