Friday, April 14, 2006

Asgard - In The Realm Of Asgard (1972)

Very little is known of English band ASGARD except that they were one of the first bands to be signed by MOODY BLUES label Threshold. The name 'Asgard', taken from ancient North European mythology, means 'castle of the gods'. Perhaps because of its Tolkien-esque resonance, it seems to be a popular one among progsters as it is shared by two other bands, one a 70's French folk outfit and the other a '90's Italian neo-prog group. English ASGARD consist of guitarist/vocalist Rod Harrison (ex-PLEASE and psych-pop band BULLDOG BREED), vocalist James Smith and drummer Ian Snow (who both later went on to join STONEHOUSE CREEK), vocalist Ted Bartlett, bassist Dave Cook and violinist Peter Orgil.
They released a 45 in 1972 containing 4 tracks, and then a year later Threshold produced their one and only LP, entitled "In the Realm of Asgard". Rather mainstream, the album is made up of 8 relatively short tracks and could be described as a cross between early 70's MOODY BLUES and the warm, flowing symphonic prog of FANTASY, with vocals faintly reminiscent of Dennis deYoung (STYX). The LP has lately been remastered and issued in cd format in Japan.
Of some interest to those who enjoy early 70's MOODY BLUES, circa "Every Good Boy Deserve Favour". Lise (HIBOU), CANADA ProgArchives

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quinlet said...

Bless you once again!! I have been looking for this gem for quite sometime now! You continue to rock my prog. world. Thanks again for sharing some really incredible finds.

Anonymous said...

Very good music Thanks Lisa

Jassa said...

Very exciting blog.
Just discovered. Joy fining this wchich I've heard so much about. Sas to find it deleted. Any possibility it getting uploaded again. Noe I'm of to discover more stuff.:-)