Sunday, April 02, 2006

Zauber - Il Sogno (1978)

Zauber, from Turin, only released an album in the 70's but their career lasted until late 90's with many more CD releases.
A dreamy, relaxed album, this contains 7 tracks with acoustic guitar, keyboards and flute in evidence, in a soft style not far from Pierrot Lunaire. Liliana Bodini's voice is rather thin but gives the music an original atmosphere. Some tracks, like Dietro le colline have good symphonic inspired keyboard playing.
In 1981 keyboardist Oscar Giordanino joined the group, an experienced musician from the jazz scene. Founder members Liliana Bodini and Mauro Cavagliato, with his brother Massimo on drums, have kept Zauber alive until the 90's with new CD releases. Italian Prog

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