Tuesday, April 25, 2006

November - En Ny Tid är Här... (1970) & 2:a November(1971)

Reissue of November's legendary first two albums on one compact disc. These guys are known for serving up top notch killer Swedish heavy progressive blues power rock.

En Ny Tid Ar Har - Classic debut album by this Swedish power blues rock trio from 1970 who later also gave birth to the amazing Saga. Lots of ripping guitar work inspired by Cream, Led Zep, Sabbath etc. Songs are sung in a characteristic Swedish rock style. One of the best Scandinavian heavy progressive rock albums.
2:a - Second album by this Swedish heavy rock band released in 1971. More power filled blues rock produced by Geog Wadenius (Made In Sweden). A greater range of music is on offer compared to their debut release and this is overall a heavier affair but with some softer piano sections and melancholic vocals. Great band.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have the track listings for these two swedish gems ? From what I've found, the two albums are 10 songs each, but the files only contains 16, only labelled "Track 1, Track 2" and soforth...

Anonymous said...

tnx Ezhevika! these two made me a november fan ;-)
to anonymous:
check this link, you'll find enough info to figure out the tracks' names (and if you know Swedish, post a hint with their translation, please)

Fuin said...

Track listing:
01 - Mount Everest
02 - En annan värld
03 - Lek att du är barn igen
04 - Sekunder (förvandlas till år)
05 - En enkel sång om dej
06 - Varje gång jag ser dig känns det lika skönt
07 - Gröna blad
08 - Åttonde
09 - Ta ett steg i sagans land
10 - Balett blues
11 - Sista resan
12 - Men mitt hjärta ska vara gjort av sten
13 - Asthamahgurchk - den fjottegangere
14 - Mina fotspår fylls av vatten
15 - En lång dag är över
16 - Môuchkta (Drömmen om Malin)
17 - På väg
18 - Ganska långt från Sergel
19 - Och så en morgon...
20 - En ny tid är här

For Aoan, a rough translation:
Mount Everest
Another world
Play that you're a child again
Seconds (turns into years)
A simple song about you
Every time I see you it feel just as good
Green leafs
Take a step in the land of fairytales
Ballet blues
Last journey
But my heart will be made of stone
Asthamahgurchk - the [can't translate the last word]
My foottraces fills with water
A long day is over
Môuchkta (The dream about Malin) [Malin is a swedish girl name]
On my way
Rather far away from Sergel [Swedish 18th century artist http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_Tobias_Sergel ]
And then one morning...
A new time is here

Anonymous said...

Harald from Norway say thanx a lot for these albums!Maybe you also have this album from sweden too?:ARBETE OCH FRITID:Håll Andan

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!