Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jamul - Jamul (1970)

The album, though being issued on the small Lizard label, may be not so obscure, but the band surely is. Named after a small town somewhere out in the back country near San Diego, there is almost no information available on this outfit. They are: Steve Williams, Bob Desnoyers, Ron Armstrong and John Fergus. Their music is mostly heavy blues rock with extremely powerful vocals. Best songs are "Tobacco Road" with a strong guitar solo and thundering blues harp, "Ramblin Man" (not the Allman Brothers' song) and the apocalyptic "Valley Thunder". Their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash' is a bit lame, although it has a good progressive Guitar solo. There are 2 or 3 other songs, that seem to be mere fillers. But still - this is better than some of the 100-dollar-records you see for sale. - Originally came with a set of stamps depicting the musicians. seifke
Killer late '60s US heavy hippy rock album issued in 1970 with a down-and-wasted vibe. Great guitar throughout with a superb version of "Tobacco Road", plus loads of originals. The band were involved with Steppenwolf's management and the sound is similar to the early years of that band as well as other heavy acid rock bands such as Yesterday's Children and Frantic. Great album and worth checking out. Freak Emporium

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MrRock said...

Hi Lisa,

My name is Dorin and I'm from Romania.

Could you post the name of the tracks of Jamul album?

Anonymous said...

1.Before My Eyes

2.Inside Your Head

3.Watch Without Pain

4.New One

5.Killing Time



8.Heart 4 U


Anonymous said...

1 - Tobacco Road
2 - Long Tall Sally
3 - Sunrise over Jamul
4 - Movin' to the Country
5 - Hold the Line
6 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
7 - All You Have Left Is Me
8 - Nickel Thimble
9 - I Can't Complain
10 - Ramblin' Man
11 - Valley Thunder

romek said...

Great music.Thanks

Harry Tolen said...

Glad you remember these guys. The guitarist and bass player from Jamul later formed a combo called Soylstack. They were hard, heavy and very greasy, with long ear-shredding solos and a drum beat that would knock your tail clear to doomsday. Soylstack used to play at bars in places like Dulzura, Tecate and Jacumba along the Mexican border. I saw them tear it up at a biker rally out past El Centro one time. I think all the members melted into pure animal fat around 1975.

Anonymous said...

I lived in SAN Diego when KGB radio had their HOMEGROWN music contests and I bought this Jamul album based on some songs that KGB played. My favourite song from the album is "Moving To The Country" and it's good enough to be played on the air in 2012.