Monday, March 20, 2006

Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy (1970 US heavy psych fuzz)

This unknown beauty was only released as a testpressing in USA in 1970 of 52 copies. Real heavy Psychedelic like Butterfingers, Betty or Stack, fuzzguitar, soundeffects, the whole thing. Comes in great commic cover (the original had only a stamped white cover). Maybe the last-unknown-never-reissued-before-heavy-Psychmonster.
We don't know too much about this US trio other than their album was recorded in Philadelphia in 1970. It's an excellent disc with searing lead guitar and cool organ work reminsicent of early Zeppelin, Grand Funk or even MC5, whilst the vocals have a weird vibrato quality. Highly prized by lovers of late '60's US private heavy fuzz albums. Freak Emporium



heavyrock said...

Yes, Lisa, Badongo & Sendspace are both great. Also, consider If you upload albums in 3 different hosts, we can download 3 albums at a time!

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Anonymous said...

I love the music you post and I have no end of trouble downloading from Rapidshare, so I'd be delighted if you switched to Badongo.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I've never had a problem with rapidshare and have more trouble with megaupload.

Julian L said...

Great music!! Thanks for giving everybody a chance of listening something different! I don't mind rapidshare, badongo is a bit inoconcistent sometimes. none is perfect i guess...
here are some deleted or missing older linls of yours i found:
The Crushers - Glory Of The Day (2002)
The Rainbows - The Rainbows (1967)
Grootna - S/T (1971)
Master's Apprentices - S/T (1970) + Masterpiece (1969)
Cupid's Inspiration - Yesterday Has Gone (1968)
Cargo - Cargo (1970-72)
Aardvark - Aardvark (1970)
Blues Addicts - Blues Addicts (1970)
Neon Rose - Two (1974)
Embermen Five - Fire In Their Hearts
Mecki Mark Men - Running In The Summer Night (1969)
United Empire Loyalists - Notes From The Underground (Canadian psych)
Gnags - Pa Vej (1973)
Asgard - In The Realm Of Asgard (1972)
The Rationals - Temptation 'Bout To Get Me (1968)
Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces (1968)
Mountain Bus - Sundance (1971)
Black Pearl - Black Pearl (1967)
Red Television - Same (1974)


grahldaar said...

Hey Lisa- thanks for considering latecomers like me by re-uploading these gems. I just bought a Rapidshare account, so I have no qualms about your post location preferences. Oh- and the Fresh Blueberry Pancake- outstanding! You rule the roost!

vauchretien parent said...

Thanks for all, Lisa

Moses - 1971 Changes has disappeared
I would be very glad if you re-uploaded it.

jp from france

Anonymous said...

Hi lisa, i'm french and i've just discovered your blog which is fantastic. I've tried to download the black pearl album on the may archives, because i'm looking for this for about 10 years, but the link does not work.
Thank's lisa for all this music.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for re-uping.
I'd like to request Neon Rose - Two (1974). I really like badongo.

Anonymous said...

Almost ALL your links of July Archive have been deleted ??? Too bad. Could you reupload them onto a better filehosting server with link protection. I am really thinkin to not renew my RS subscription ... if things turn so bad. But please Lisa don't give up since you're doing a really great service for all obscure music lovers. This really helps. Thanks again.

Heavypsychman said...

A Heavy Psych monster!

Home of the heaviest sounds around

Anonymous said...

Could anybody to write the lyrics of the song: i call him lord, please...