Monday, March 20, 2006

Champignons - Premiere Capsule (1972)

Premiere Capsule is an excellent album featuring mostly-instrumental combination of prog and psych served up by Champignons, a tight and experimental band from Quebec. Released in 1972, Premiere Capsule, resplendent in its trippy day-glo mushroom sleeve, is a succession of seven guitar driven original compositions that manage to maintain any incredibly high standard from start to finish. All the tracks are superb, but several in particular stand out including the 11-minute experimental jam, Le Chateau Hante (The Haunted Castle) and two instrumental numbers, Folies Du Mercredi and Pop-Pino. There is extremely good fuzz guitar throughout, as well as some exceptional flute solos courtesy of flautist Emile Naud.
Unfortunately this is the only known album from Les Champignons, and to say it gives us great pleasure to have released it on Blue Orchard is an understatement. Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended.

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Madame Candyman said...

Music is supposed to go into one's ears, it's not supposed to come out of one's ears. That's what's happening to me because of all your killer posts. Can't wait to hear 'em.

Shishido said...

Woah, I've been looking for this album for years !!! Thanks ! But I can't extract it, I keep getting the "incorrect password" message...and I entered what seems to be the rigt one. I'm stuck. Please help.

Shishido said...

Ok ... My bad. I've found what went wrong, it's all my fault. Just after I wrote this, I remenbered one trick about my unrar program. Sorry for sharing my problems.

Anyway, this is the best blog I came across, lots of rare obscure bands. Keep it up !

Anonymous said...

not able to open this one with Stuffit Expander; please help