Friday, March 17, 2006

Fragile - Fragile (1976 )

Remastered reissue on CD of the one and only album by Dutch 70's psych/rural band consisting mainly of Mollucans who play guitar like crazy, as we know. On one side long track they expose a tapestry of excellent guitar fuzzing. One of the most wanted albums from Holland, and an absolute ultra rarity, originally made as a private pressing for friends, relatives, etc. Freak Emporium



Anonymous said...

Tracklist ?????

60&70 Rock !!!! said...

WOW Lisa, the same post !!!
We have twins souls !!!
(but i will get your files, poor vinyl mine) =b


1. Fragile - sweet introspect (5:15)
2. Fragile - caroline funk (3:52)
3. Fragile - Good Evening (6:36)
4. Fragile - Back On My Feet Again (5:07)
5. Fragile - Face To Face (5:05)
6. Fragile - so sad (11:25)
7. Fragile - i wonder (4:32)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for an intruiging album.Similar in vein to Man or Wishbone Ash with slightly weaker vocals but its the guitar that we want to hear anyway. Give me a tasteful guitar solo over a wanky pyrotechical one like a lot of modern day bands anyday.

Anonymous said...

To the 'anonymous' with the 2:40pm post above - I think you are very rude! You could always just ask nicely for the track titles, instead of acting indignant as though it's your God-given right to have everything for free on a damn silver platter! I am amazed at how rude some folks can be when they're getting free, rare music - I have seen a lot of if, and it seems to have caused some great blogs - such as Byron's Place - to decide to close down.

Thank you, Ezhevika, for putting up so much wonderful music! I can tell you, my wish-list is now shrinking to a more manageable size ;-)

Fábio (From Brazil Belo Horizonte) said...

Thank You!!
Great album!!
One of my favourites hard/psych 70's albums.
Great guitar solos and riffs...
Hard rock guitar

Thank You again!!!

Fábio (From Brazil-Belo Horizonte)

spunkie said...

Love it Thank you