Saturday, March 11, 2006

Association P.C. - Mama Kuku (1974)

The German jazz and fusion scene often seems unfairly eclipsed by its concurrent krautrock and psychedelic scene. Association Earwax, who became Association P.C. on the band's final three albums, were a fine outfit and the original home of guitarist Toto Blanke, creating a fusion similar to several jazz threads - the early CGI albums of George Benson, the heavy fuzz organ-led jazz rock of Soft Machine, and the crazed, on-the-edge-of-free-jazz experiments of ECM artists like Wolfgang Dauner. While this six-track debut doesn't have quite the impressive moments albums like Erna Morena do, it still has plenty of fine material, ranging from mellow Benson-like guitar and rhodes jazz pieces to full throttle noisefests. Gnosis 2000

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Superlistener said...

Thank you. I was looking for Association P.C. since years. Superlistener.

ghost fm said...

Thank you for all the fantastic music you have posted on the blog during the years. I have stumbled upon your blog recently via Flash Strap where I also found loads of good and forgotten stuff. I hope you continue just as strongly.

So, this is something interesting that caught my attention. I was looking in your archive to find the absolute first post on the blog and this Association P.C. song is what I found. What surprised me was the Listen link that redirects us to the song's Spotify page. Looking at the post date, it is March 11, 2006! There were no Spotify's back then. So I was wondering if you added the link later or is it something that is generated automatically?

Please keep up the good work. I'll be following your stuff.

P.S. It would be even better if you wrote a line or two on your new posts. Of course, music speaks for itself. So that ain't no deal breaker.