Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ezhevika Archives


Due to many posts not every album is displayed on the front page - don't forget to click Archives links for more shares! Enjoy, my friends! ;)

Passwords: as some of you had bad experience with the passwords I'll try to explain once more: all passwords listed are correct. You simply need to copy them & insert in WinRar password window. You must use exactly the passwords listed (see below) with ALL characters & symbols like http, slashes etc.


Hopefully this will help. All archives are checked by me. I even did some test downloads - everything worked well when using the password listed in the appropriate post.

Good Luck,


Anonymous said...

Seems like many users have problem with the .rar file password here but don´t experience the problem anywhere else.
Perhaps you do it in some "funny way"?

It´s a shame that not everyone can open the files, when you have such high standard on the music

Lisa Sinder said...

That's really strange as I've checked personally each archive & passwords lisstings - & experienced no problems! The only advise is to use exact password listed with all symbols. I'm using usual WinRar - & everything is OK.

Anonymous said...

Yes, nearly all do work for me.
I only have problems with the Tritonus file.
I tried both passwords, different apps tu onpack, typing and copy/pasting. Always the same error massage.
Sorry for this.

Lisa Sinder said...

The password for Tritonus is:

Anonymous said...

It seems like the trouble is that the files dont work with the "Stuff it expander" applikation on mac os x.

Instead use the applikation UnRarX (download at ) and it will work.

(dont forget to first write the password before you drag n´drop the file in UnRarX window.

and thank you lisa for the great music here

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much - especially for the link "".
Now it works!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the problem is not copying the passwords correctly (which everyone seems to be doing) but rather the various unstuffing programs incompatibility with the encrypted files - especially mac osx's apps and older versions of stuffit. Will try unrarx, thanks for the link - hopefully soon I will hear what's been so laboriously posted!
Would the elimination of passwords solve this issue? I think 8 days in April used to have a problem like this before removing them.

Anonymous said...

Unrarx does the trick - all hail unrarx!

mossdog said...

kikyes the problem was an old version of stuffit an the new 1 requiers an os upgrade (it ain't worth doin' that on my ancient imac). but yes unrarx is the good- it does it. now i can listen to the human beast that i've been dying to hear.

Anonymous said...

Now it works on Cargo & Mahesha. Don't understand cause I copied and pasted the first time. Oh well just glad it works now. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Yes! My problem was with Stuffit also. Thanks whoever posted the Unrarx link.
Great Music, Lisa- keep up the good posts.

gypsum gypsy said...

"Why, it's so simply a 4-year-old could figure it out! . . . Run out and find me a 4-year-old, I can't make head or tails out of it." - Groucho Marx

WinRAR works fine.

Can I stay in the fields forever?