Monday, March 13, 2006

Errobi - Errobi (1977)

The debut album by Basque prog-folk heroes, released originally in 1977; a dose of refined progressive folk rock sung in Basque, known for it's twin electric guitar sound. Freak Emporium

Founded by Anje Duhalde and Mixel Ducau in 1973, Errobi was the first Basque rock band. To their blend of symphonic rock and jazz, popular at the time, they added a nationalistic touch and the language of the proletariat. The band had great success and some of thier songs, like 'Gure Lekukotasuna', 'Xilego Langileria' and 'Telebista' became classics. Having disbanded in 1979 they reformed for a short period in 1985. Both Duhalde and Ducau have since pursued solo careers.



Eddie Riff said...

Really nice stuff! I have a friend who is of Basque extraction and I think he'll be fascinated by this. Thanks, Lisa!

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