Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sindelfingen - Odgipig (1973)

Horribly rare British progressive offering from 1973. This album managed to mix classical, folk, progressive and mainstream rock influences to create an avant garde classic that is now thankfully available again at a fraction of the price you'd have to pay for an original. Freak Emporium

SINDELFINGEN's music is very ecclectic. Just about all progressive elements are represented: Classical, Folk, Avante-Garde and Rock prominitely. Dynamics, multi-time signatures, drawn out themes clash in epic glory. Their sole album, "Odgipig" has a nice production using a wide variety of instruments. Acoustic guitar is in the forefront of most songs. Comparable to the early likes of GENTLE GIANT, GENESIS and KING CRIMSON. Maybe even tipping a slight hat to the Canterbuy bands such as CARAVAN. Prog Archives



kpk said...

Thank you very much for this

Tangletwigs said...

This is great ! Thank you for the chance too hear it

Donno said...

Great stuff! Going to take a few listens to really appreciate this one but certainly worthwhile on first listen.

Anonymous said...

Great disk, one of the first were listened from Sponsor!