Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Covenant - Nature's Divine Reflection (1992)

Symphonic Prog band based in Texas, with a keyboard oriented music. Dave CRYDER is the unique actor of this instrumental music. His choice goes undoubtedly to the ancient analogical keyboards (Hammond, Mellotron, Prophet, etc..) and his style can be compared to the symphonicism of Rick WAKEMAN. Recommended to fans of long keyboard jam compositions.

Dave Clayder not only plays drums and percussion but also an impressive amount of vintage keyboards: Hammond B3 organ, Mellotron, Solina string-ensemble and the synthesizers Prophet 5, Korg CX-1 and Korg M1. On the 17-minutes opener "Nature's divine reflection" (featuring guest musician Bill Pohl on guitar and bass) it's obvious that the keyboards are omnipresent: fluent rhythms with flashy synthesizer runs and sumptuous Mellotron waves. The other two compositions "Eschatolix" (6 minutes) and "Sun-child's spiritual quest" (almost 20 minutes) also deliver very pleasant work on the keyboards so if you like the wonderful and distinctive keyboard sound of the Seventies, here's a fine one from Greg Walker's progrock label Syn-Phonic! Erik Neuteboom Prog Archives


Dave Cryder - all drums and keyboards
Bill Pohl - guitar on 1


1. Premise of Life:
a) Thanatopsis
b) Nature's Gift
c) Ascension
d) Spiritual Forces
e) Eternity's Call
f) Synopsis

2. Eschatolic Covenant
3. Sunchild's Spiritual Quest Through the Forest of Introspection:
a) Acquiescence
b) Catharsis
c) Assessment of Reality
d) Enter the Sacred Labyrinth
e) Metamorphosis / Transformation
f) Across the River of Souls
g) Through the Gates of Emotion
h) Storm of Centuries Past; Rebirth
i) Sunchild's Lament
j) As One with the Infinite Spirit

Available from Syn-Phonic


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