Sunday, March 19, 2006

Underdogs Blues Band - S/T (1968)

1968 debut album from this fine New Zealand group who sound like Cream meets The Doors. The band play some excellent covers of songs like "Oh Pretty Woman", "Yonder Wall", "It Hurts Me Too" and a psych version of "Hey Gyp" as well as some good group compositions. The album features fine keyboards and guitar work throughout. Bassist Neil Edwards later joined Human Instinct.

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Dave said...

Lisa, you make my day everytime I visit here...thank you , thank you for all the greeeeaaaaaaat albums.

This one is a 'can't be found ' on rapidshare, so I am guessing it is the link address that is not correct???

Many thanks once again for all the effort , very much appreciated

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Dave!

Have corrected the link - thank you.

Anonymous said...

a very good group of psych blues music
many thanks
do you have the name of the tracks for this album and the one's from 1972

andre said...

A mega rar Album,great to listen it again.Many Thanks

Martin said...

Thanks for a great post.

The tracklist is as follows:

01 - Oh Pretty Woman
02 - Snowey Wood
03 - Main Line Driver
04 - Mary Anne
05 - Pauline
06 - Pretty Girls
07 - Yonder Wall
08 - All My Love
09 - Hey Gyp
10 - It Hurts Me Too
11 - Rubber Duck

Red said...

I have been searching for this album for ages, and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to find. It seems that the link isn't working yet again, according to rapidshare it may be incorrect, could you possibly fix it up for me again? Thak you

Anonymous said...

Always surfing the net for hard to get albums from the 60's.
This is such an unexpected gem !
Thanx-a-lot and keep up the good work.