Saturday, March 18, 2006

Galliard - Strange pleasure (1969)

A jazzy progressive band with lots of brass and good vocals. First album from 1969. alliard set out as an extremely eclectic band on their debut LP, "Strange Pleasure". They juxtapose a woodwind/horn section slyly with rural compositions, creating a pastoral, even medieval atmosphere, starkly contrasting to nervously urban passages, although they borrow from Art Nova's "Wrapped Her In Ribbons" and give the credits to Geoff Brown. An interesting effort. The first album has some decidedly medieval atmospherics. Fans of Vertigo styled progressive rock should check these out pronto....Originally on Deram.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa

Must say I love your blog lots :)

Very nice music and plenty of it too.



Anonymous said...

track list - please

Anonymous said...

Galliard - Strange Pleasure by Galliard (1970)
2A Modern Day Fairytale
4I Wrapped Her In Ribbons
5Children Of The Sun
6Got To Make It
7Frog Galliard
9Hear The Colours
10I Wanna Be Back Home