Saturday, March 18, 2006

Odmenn - Odmenn (1970)

Odmenn's only album. Super fine trio from the early seventies. Odmenn played cool rock that recall Cream a bit, but is very and very original.

Reissue on CD of the self titled DOUBLE LP by Icelandic band from the 70's, recorded in Copenhagen, which ranks along with Junipher Green's 'Friendship' or Burning Red Ivanho's 'M144' . Music is cross between CREAM & BEATLES circa 1968. Freak Emporium

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Fuin said...

Óðmenn - Óðmenn
01 Einn ég ræ
02 It takes love
03 Betri heimur
04 Þær sviku
05 Er mengun hverfur
06 Minningar
07 Dans
08 Það kallast að komast áfram Óðmenn
09 Ég vil þig
10 Stund
11 Saga þjóðar
12 Upphafsstef úr pop-leiknum Óla
13 Orð - morð
14 Kærleikur
15 Frelsi

Anonymous said...

Harald from Norway says thanx a lot for this one!Maybe you also have the album from this band from Iceland too ?:HINN ISLENZKI PURSAFLOKKUR.

Anonymous said...

I Don't speak Icelandic, but this is still awesome, I used a translater to put the song titles into english so I could get an idea what they are about. Stund is my favorite song, I wish these guys would have made a couple more albums, they're great!