Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wailing Wall - Wailing Wall (1970)

Excellent U.S. psychedelic rock outfits sole album recorded in 1970. They move from heavy sounds to soft and melodic vibes with long trippy passages that need liquid lights on, as you fully soak up the music. Some of the unusual rhythms in 'Scissor Tailed Swallow' and 'Country of the Goose', are really quite unique and make this a really good psych album. Freak Emporium

The latest release from the vaults of El Paso's Suemi label, this album has really been turning some heads. Very unusual sounds spearheaded by brothers Darrell and Doug Adams who later moved to the West Coast and released LP's with the middle eastern influenced band "Light Rain". The album has a spooky, late night vibe and lyrics that reveal new meaning upon every listen. Great guitar work by Mike Cancelarre and twisted vocals by drummer/ songwriter David Rutledge. Visions of late night desert peyote hallucinations on songs like "Scissor-Tail Swallow" and "Country Of The Goose" compliment a hard rock, Captain Beefhart vibe on "Mad Rapper". Unusual timing and phrasing makes this a journey into the twisted back roads of El Paso's great rock and roll heritage. Comes with 8 page booklet that has pictures of the band, the band's history in their own words and a brief background of each cut as told by Darrell Adams. This is destined to be one of our most sought after releases and has been compared to fellow Texas psych monster "Cold Sun" by some!



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i've already this album but i justrecommend it to everybody who like psychedelic art.
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Hallo Lisa,
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