Sunday, March 19, 2006

Icarus - The Marvel World Of Icarus (1972)

Super rare killer early UK '70s progressive / psych album originally released on Pye based on Marvel Comic characters.Played by a bunch of session players including John Etheridge (Soft Machine) it includes 13 whacky tracks including "Thor","Hulk","Captain America" and the psychedelic "Silver Surfer" ..All are tongue in cheek and lunched out.…



mooozedoggydogg said...

coooool- i wuz into the marvel comics in 1972. it's strange to think back how all things then had a druggy vibe. i likely wouldnt have dug this back then as a shrimp of 6 years.

i did enjoy black sabbath doing iron man as a child. it wuz played on am radio about 2 times a year.

icarus' version doesn't pack the BS whump, but i do like the phasing everywhere.

thanks for the post!

JBG said...

Prog and Marvel heroes how can it fail. Thank you for this. Those other 179 leechers should be ashamed of themselves for not saying a thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi..I am Iain Hines..(not Hills) and mar vel world of icarus was my baby! I wrote most of tracks..2 with stan lee..performed and arranged and put band together,,,after all these years its out again on wooden hill records..tons of downstreams...but still awaiting performing and composing royalties...thats how the industry is these days..but great to meet you guys..hang loose and face front...Iain Hines. my uk email is