Friday, March 24, 2006

Dino - Hoy Canto (1979)

This Uruguayan artist's real name was Gastón Ciarlo. In the mid-sixties, he played guitar and sang in a band called Los Gatos who played U.K. and U.S. covers (not the Argentinian band).
After two singles for RCA, he recorded a solo album for the small Eco label. Then he joined Montevideo Blues, played on their 1972 album which mixed blues and local Uruguayan rhythms.

In 1979, Dino managed to record a third LP (Hoy canto) with some excellent rock songs despite military censorship. "Me importa", "Dбmelo todo" and "Aleluya meu pai" are great examples of a skilled musician with a strong personality.

Artwork help needed!



zebu said...
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zebu said...

Can't help you with artwork, but i'm 99% sure this album was also released with the name "Dino - 30 Anos de Musica Uruguaya #14", with a few bonus tracks of Montevideo Blues (i guess)... will check this later, have to wait a bit to start this d/l. =)

Anonymous said...

i have this lp,,, sounds great.... nice blog saludos from Uruguay