Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Collectors - S/T (1968) + Grass And Wild Strawberries (1968)

Amazing 1968 debut by the Canadian psych band who later became Chilliwack. A very psychedelic album, produced by Rolling Stones/Electric Prunes producer Dave Hassinger - the first 5 tracks are cool enough melodic psych 60's styled numbers (the highlight being Lydia Purple) whilst the 6th track "What Love" is a 19 minute trip of sax, flute, gregorian chant and psychedelic guitar that under the right circumstances fries your mind! Unmissable! Freak Emporium



me said...

thank you lisa, i will link to you NOW

The Zenman said...

Oh, man I loved that first album. I can still sing 'Lydia Purple' 30 years after first hearing it. What a great band.

el topo said...

Thanks for giving more people a chance to discover this legendary group from the Pacific North West psychedelic scene. I can remember seeing them at the "Easter Be-In" in Vancouver around the time these albums were released! But that's another story...

Thought this tracklist might be useful:

The Collectors

1. What Is Love
2. She (Will-o-the-Wisp)
3. Howard Christian’s Older
4. Lydia Purple
5. One Act Play
6. What Love

Grass And Wild Strawberries

7. Prelude
8. Grass and Wild Strawberries
9. Things I Remember
10. Don't Turn Away (From Me)
11. Teletype Click
12. Seventeenth Summer
13. Long Rain
14. My Love Delights Me
15. Dreams of Desolation
16. Rainbow of Fire
17. Early Morning
18. Sheep on the Hillside

Mr. Evasion said...

Gracias, el topo!

Mr. Evasion said...

Muchas gracias, lisa - great postings all around

Anonymous said...

woooo! I so wanted this, but I can't unzip the files. I just keep getting an error. I'm on a mac and have tried both stuffit and MacPAR. I've downloaded it twice now, no luck. Any help?

Anonymous said...

I was already looking for this album for a long time. Great!
But the pasword does n't work!!!
pw: http://ezhevika.blogspot.com/

Stuffit says: Format error #17540

Can you please help?

Sam Stone said...

I was looking for this one a long time and here it is...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 to Anonymous 1: download Unrar for Mac Os X a bit strange but it works! Don't forget to fill in the password first in the program!


Anonymous said...

many thanks for the Unrar link...only got 14 of the tracks, but thats better than none!

Anonymous said...

Amous1: you will certainly want those other 4 or 5 numbers too. Figure it out. They are in the second link. It took me a while too. Unrar is a bit unusual in its behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Annonomus 2: I am adding the second file (dragging both in at the same time) but it comes up with errors on the last ones. I'll try again later!


Anonymous said...

Amous1: Do them one by one. After the first unrar, rename the folder. And then do the next one, again on desktop and with pw. I think I did it this way.

Very nice album, thank you Lisa!

kpk said...

Oh yes

Donno said...

Stunning music!! Another great find, I'd never heard of this band before.
Thanks so much for the opportunity to discover and listen.