Monday, March 13, 2006

Corpus - Creation A Child (1969)

Legendary US psych rock album, first released in 1971. Excellent vocal harmonies and ringing guitar work coupled with some heavy riffs make this a worthwhile reissue. Freak Emporium


mike said...

theres some tasty riffing on this beauty, recommened to all who dig this proto boogie.

lesserevil said...

im new to this... what would the username be?

sorry. psyched to hear it

kpk said...

nice , very nice

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you thank appreciate our music. After so many years, am glad its available. Some articles that were written about us were wondering if we were teenagers when we recorded this album. Yes we were. 17-18 years of age, still in high school and touring the state of Texas.
Richard De Leon (Rick) Formerly Corpus Lead Vocalist.