Saturday, March 18, 2006

Waterfall - The Flight Of The Day (1977)

Waterfall were an English acoustic folk duo and this album, recorded in 1977 was a perfect showcase for their talents. Traditional and original melodic folk music, played on guitars, violins and mandolins that captures that rustic atmosphere perfectly. Freak Emporium



Donno said...

Thanks very much for sharing this one! I'd never heard this early Waterfall album and very good it is too. If you like this one their next album Three Birds features the band as a trio with the added female voice of Gilly Darby and it's even better. They made a good third album before they split, two members going on to make a mini LP and full album under the name of Little Aeroplanes (very good stuff too).
Thanks again!

gilly darbey said...

Hi gilly Darbey here, I still sing but solo now, you can finde at myspace and will have new own web site soon. Over in the uk touring right now and doing a reunion gig with Keith donnelly on 6th nov. Have 3solo CDs too. Cheers gilly x