Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Master's Apprentices - S/T (1970) + Masterpiece (1969)

The Masters' first album was assembled over a two year period and contains recordings by several different line-ups. Despite this rather hotch-potch mixture of styles, it has become a highly collectable and credible early Australian rock album.A classic debut album that pioneered the Australian rock sound.

As with the debut album, Masterpiece was assembled over almost three years and contains songs of differing styles and sounds. That's how things were done back then. Albums tended not to be recorded all at the one time. Bands toured 52 weeks of the year with only a day here and there to put down new material. However, 'Masterpiece' is still a good cross section of the band's late '60's work.



shreut said...

Thanks a lot!
I don't know Masterpiece yet, can't wait to hear it...Master's Apprentices are such a great band!

Btw, 60&70sRock has posted their live album Nickelodeon yesterday: http://6070rock.blogspot.com/

buzzard said...

I'd say they're most musically advanced Antipodes outfit of the 60's. All their albums are very different. Thanks Lisa

Donno said...

Great band! Nice to get both albums in one handy package.

coolabah said...

thank u very much from an aussie :)
and thanks to shreut for the link

Anonymous said...

Hi! thanks for the music! This is the first record i've tried to get from you, though i'm sure there will be more (i LOVE this band's other record - A Toast to Panama Red!)

but...i can't get the password to work! my Mac won't allow me to paste a link as a password, and i've tried every other concievable thing...any suggestions from anyone?

thanks again!

Anonymous said...