Saturday, February 24, 2007

Coke - S/T (1972)

Funky Latin breaks and very groovy grooves -- the kind of record that you hear for only a second, and say "oh yeah, this is the stuff!" Coke were an obscure Florida combo who mixed together Latin, funk, and soul -- served up in a crossover style that's halfway between the sound of the NuYorican generation and the heavier hitters of LA's Chicano funk scene! Instrumentation includes organ, guitar, and trumpets -- and vocals are delivered in a brown eyed soul style that burns nicely with the heavier grooves of the group. But best of all is the drummer, who really kicks it large on the kit -- and creates some really nice funky numbers on the set! Includes the break classic "Na Na", plus the tunes "Got To Touch Your Face", "Te Amo Mas", "Quiero Decirte", "Bang Bang", "Bun Bun Bun", "You Turn Me On", and "Que Seria De Mi". A really great album -- with a totally unique sound!

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Max said...

Thanks--some great posts lately in a somewhat different vein. I enjoy this immensely.

Anonymous said...

very good album, a kind of santana with their own sound.THX a lot.

fritz the cat said...

Not a fantastic album, but it's got some interesting numbers. Thanks