Saturday, February 17, 2007

Nick and Nick and the Psychotic Drivers - Same (1988)

Nick Saloman (Befis Frond) project. This album is described as "tripping in a dark room with only one light bulb."
The musicians (The Soul Hunters) joining Bevis are:
Nick Vannini - vocals, narration and direction.
J.J.Masini - bass, high vocals and persecution manias
Davide Ragonesi - guitar and manovalanza
Cassini Raggi - keyboards and medical advice
Tarchiani - drums
Steve Semeraro - dangerous drive assistance
As you can tell from the musicians descriptions this lot are seriously deranged, and so is the music but well worth a listen. It seems that Nick not only did not think much of the recording, which was an impromptu jam, he did NOT authorize its release or the use of his name, nor did he receive any sort of compensation for it.


JimboJinx said...

fantastic, thx :)

Susy likes Nutella said...

I had the honour to play the bass in this album. It was a long long time ago.... So proud about that