Monday, February 19, 2007

Nessie - Head In The Sand (1979)

Belgian prog - mainstream, but has it's moments.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa.
Many thanks for this and all the other albums that you have posted. Just to let you know that track 5 had a CRC failure and could not be extracted. Please do not think that this is a criticism. It is not.
All the best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa.
Thanks for posting track 5. I owe you one, but how can I repay you? Is it possible to email you a list of my CDs? Let me know please.
Take care.

BronDune said...

Many thanks for that post. As 'anonymous' said to you, track 5 has a CRC failure and can't be extracted. So Thank you for having re-posted the only track #5. You make me discover a band from my own country : Belgium. :)

Romuald said...

This band is actually my favourite Belgian prog band. There's scant little information about them to be found on the internet.
They were from the region of Liege (Luik).
They made two albums : this one and another one called 'the tree'. It can be found on other blogs (google it).