Sunday, August 05, 2007

Baroque Jazz Trio - Baroque Jazz Trio (1970)

From all points of view, the BJT is surprising: instrumentation, philosophy, sound, music, cohesion. It is well and truly a unique phenomenon in French jazz. It wasn’t until the 90s, with its hoards of DJs, samplers, collectors and other vinyl enthusiasts that, after frantic searching for forgotten musical experiments, the Baroque Jazz Trio resurfaced. BJT is the archetypal dream-record for that type of collector. It completely fulfils the musical demands of this anachronistic tribe, guided by an obsession for the discovery of forgotten or lost sounds, vestiges of a time where music, we are told, was free from all commercial constraints.
So it is that this recording has existed for over thirty years, but it does not really have a ‘name’ in the jazz world. It is still an authentic and unique experience in the mind of its authors: Jean-Charles Capon, Georges Rabol and Philippe Combelle. It will also be one for its audience.

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Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot.It`s a great music.

Mephisto said...

HI Lisa, just wanted to let you know that I'll be posting your updates on Totally Fuzzy as soon as they come in in my RSS feed.

Could you please update the link to totally fuzzy,

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Cheers; and keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Superb music, many thanks. Is there any other album from them.

Anonymous said...

Excellent record!
Thanks, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Musique très interessante et, je crois méconnue,merci de nous la proposer.

avantgarterbelt said...

Absolutely wonderful record. Many thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps for the Baroque Jazz Trio album - truly brilliant music!

GypsyJazz said...

Many Many thanks for sharing this post. Such a wonderful post on music

GypsyJazz said...

Thankyou so much for your post, such a fabulous recording