Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Happiest Band That Ever Played - In the Balancing of Night and Day (1970)

Rare dutch folk

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kosice said...

And here we have another super rarity magically conjured by Ezhevika Fields...a home-made album by Paul van der Ree. Only 300 copies of this album were pressed so I held little hope of ever finding it - and here it is! I was hoping to find some comments from other visitors as I am still not sure what to think of this album. It has everything going for it - beautiful cover artwork, loner singer/songwriter music that I love, and a touch of eccentricity that is always welcome. The saying "Don't judge book by the cover" evidently does not apply to records as most of the best albums often have elaborate and beatuful covers. And vice versa - remember those ugly 80s MOR record covers?
Well, after listening to this album the first time I was disappointed. The first song deflated my expectations considerably - it sounds like some vaudeville or cabaret number from long ago, played on a cheap piano. Paul's vocals did not help. either - strained and high pitched, he sounds a bit like Alan Price (but with less vocal range and color). The whole albums sounds as if it was recorded in his living room. Songs are pretty simple and guitar picking quite basic...
OK - that was my first impression. Then I listened to it one more time, and then again...and the darn thing started growing on me. Now I cannot get the refrain of "Cycling homeward with my baby" out of my head. Sure, this albums has its flaws and it would be a stretch to call it a masterpiece - but it has its own special atmosphere and is absolutely non-commercial and timeless. Who knows, maybe I will even love it after a few more spins?
Now if only I could find out what others think of it...

Thanks, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Well it's a Dutchman playing and singing here , and I am Belgian. The album is better than I expected it to be , he really has a warm voice , and together with that old piano makes it a good combination for background music on winter evenings , thank you Lisa for posting it , it brings back the quiet days of the early 70's

Anonymous said...

Hey, would you mind upping this album again? The link's broken and it sounds like a pretty cool record. Much appreciation for the other stuff you upload too, I loooooved Tamalone.

Laura said...

Dear Friends:

Please can anyone re-up this LP ?

Really thank you for your time!!



Anonymous said...

thanx Lisa.