Monday, August 20, 2007

Prúdy - Zvoňte zvonky (1969)

Here is the first CD of music from Czechoslovakia, as current Slovakia and Czech republic used to be called back in 60-80s. It is one of the first and best pop/art/prog rock albums released in the late 60s (recorded in 1968). Zvonky Zvonte (Ring Bells, Ring) by Prudy (Currents) was a milestone in Slovak rock music. Personnel: Pavol Hammel - guitar, lead vocals; Marian Varga - piano, organ; Fedor Freso - bass, vocals; Peter Seller - guitar; Vlado Mally - drums.This is what "Scented Gardens of the Mind" has to say abount the album:"Prudy's album was a Slovakian response to Sgt. Pepper, an album full of charming pop songs with harmony vocals, lush orchestration and a hint of psychedelia. The best songs were written by Marian Varga who soon went on to form Colloseum Musicum. His characteristic keyboard ornaments are already recognisable at this early stage. A historic Czechoslovakian album full of period charm. Hammel later recorded many albums with new version of Prudy. This is rather forgetable pop. More interesting are the various Varga and Hammel collaborations".Not much to add to this review - this really is a charming, mellow, even poetic album. The atmosphere may be soft overall but there are some welcome fuzz guitar breaks and you have to love Varga's harpsichord. And the music and the lyrics are great.I disagree about the latter statements as Hammel's first few solo albums are actually pretty good; admittably with some more commercial fluff thrown in.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Lisa, I've heard this is a really good record so I'm glad I can finally hear it.
-Lhasa Crawler

dave_ said...

Thank you very much, this is a great album!

Anonymous said...

Here's the track list, just in case anyone needs it:

01. Zvonky zvoňte
02. Pred výkladom s hračkami
03. Balada o smutnom Jánovi
04. Jesenné litánie
05. Strašidlo
06. Keď odchádza kapela
07. Poď so mnou
08. Možno, že ma rada máš
09. Možno
10. S rukami vo vreckách
11. Dám ti lampu
12. Čierna ruža

Oh...and...Thank you for the music!

Anonymous said...

Can you post more from Marian Varga and his group Collegim Musicum?
Thanks for sharing.

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Tom said...

Wow. This is the best thing I've heard in a while, and I'd never heard of it. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

This is a great album, been wanting to hear for a long time- so Thanks for the great sounds! Enjoying your site very much.

Anonymous said...

Providence led me here immediately after viewing this awesome video of Prudy.

Viva the Prague Spring!