Wednesday, August 01, 2007

La Bottine Souriante - Y'a ben du changement (1978)

This album gathers together a vast repertoire of traditional songs collected primarily from the Cantin family, with the instrumentals originating from the cultural heritage of Québec's Lanaudière region. Y'a ben du changement beautifully preserves the simplicity, vitality and spirit of the group's live performances and was an instant success. Today, its timeless repertoire (En l'an 2033, Sur la gran'côte and Trinque l'amourette) can still be heard in La Bottine's concerts. When this album came out, the band was comprised only of Gilles Cantin (guitar, feet, vocals), Mario Forest (harmonica, vocals), Yves Lambert (accordion, harmonica, vocals), Pierre Laporte (fiddle) and André Marchand (guitar, vocals). Taken from here

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