Sunday, December 20, 2015


Dear Friends!

In this post I'm listing some albums which I wasn't able to find so far. Just in case you have it on your shelf, treasury storage of wherever else - please drop me a link & I'll post it in the Fields for common pleasure. Our sharing will help to preserve artifacts for the future. MUSIC IS TO BE HEARD!!!

The Silly Things ‎– Teen Trash Vol. 999 1993
Frühlingserwachen ‎– Focu Qui Ti Si Magna 1979
Kling Klong ‎– Lieben Sie Ihren Kühlschrank 1983
Voices - The Story of the Rings 1984
Agathon ‎– Tageskotze 1981
Ossie Laine Show ‎– Maddox 2 1969
Eric Delaunay ‎– Antagonisme! 1980
Aaron ‎– Music By Aaron 1974
Rhea - Sad Sorceress 1980
Academy ‎– Academy 1973
Capucine - Capucine 1979
Peter Janssens ‎– Break Down The Walls 1976
Kobra ‎– Orient-Express 1983
Aroma Plus ‎– Liechtenstein 1980
Snäp - Snäp 1982
Bagger Bänd - Lästermaul 1983
Blau Pause ‎– Blau Pause 1982
Bimboband ‎– Dreimännereck 1982
Externe Fahndungsgruppe ‎– Externe Fahndungsgruppe 1982
Ohh-Band ‎– Segelflug 1983
Duo Bizzar ‎– ...Ein Spiel Zuviel 1983

definitely to be continued... ;-)


SonicA said...


Unfortunately, I do not have any of these titles. But it's a great idea to open a chat here on stuff still unavailable despite a nearly decade of musical blogosphere (to whose success you richly contributed). Here are a couple of elusive titles worth tracking down:

Loek Dikker Groep: “Love Cry And Super Nimbus”, 1970, Netherlands
Alain Saverot: “Original Magma”, 1983?, France
Francois Ruy-Vidal & Jean-Louis Mechali: “Le Petit Poucet“, 1975, France
Arsene Souffriau: “Musique Maconnique”, 1971, Belgium
Dave Maddison: “Descriptive improvisations”, 1978, UK
Steve Dunstan: “Magnetic Fields”, 1977, US/Australia
LO / Grand Orchestre Bekummernis: “Poly Sonneries“, 1980, France
Contact Trio: “Contact“, 1972, Germany
Godfried Willem Raes: “Bellenorger“, 1979, Belgium
Thomas Ahlsen Band: "Fatolj", 1979, Sweden
US Steel Cello Ensemble – “Sounds of Nothing”, 1976, US
Jean-Charles Capon: “L’univers solitude“, 1972, France
Gandhi Freud: “Vitamins“, 1975 (1997), Finland
AK Musick: “Ak Musick“, 1972, Germany
Elias Gistelinck: “Ndesse ou blues“, 1975, Belgium
Anor: “Taste of Pomegranate – Анор ВКУС ГРАНАТА”, Ansambl sovremyennoy muzyki Griga Pushena 1978, USSR

Elizario said...

Thank you!

Mike F. said...

Thw Andy Goldner Infinity record is here:

Norm said...

Ossie Laine Show - Maddox 2- can you post that? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice list there , here is one of mine also:
1. Haywire - Still in the saddle
2. Ozone Rangers band - Long Way to Rock & Roll
3. Avel Nevez ‎– Service Compris
4. Glenn Neale - Love & Life
5. Steve Atkinson - Small boats
6. Roger Rubin & Rotfree Anderson - Atlanta Underground - Freek Music
7. The Francisco Bros. Band
8. Peter Stark - Mushroom Country
9. Fyter - Fyter
10. Homecoming
11. Un P'tit fond de rouge
12. Jeff (Le Kiosque d'Orphée)
13. Sidan- teulu yncl sam
14. Jeff Good-Share The Sky
15. Tom Foolery
16. The Wright Brothers Overland Stage Company - Cornfield Cowboys
17. Red Allen & The Allen Brothers - Allengrass
18. WYychfolk- Circle Game
19. James Lee Meadows
20. Skara Brae (Irish folk)
21. Scott Witte - Sailor's Dream
22. Warren Winter's band - Crossbar Hotel
23. Tailgunner (1983 Hard Rock)
24. John Southern- Equinox
25. Friction- S/T (1988 AOR)


Norm said...

Can you post Aaron "Music by Aaron"? Thanks, and thanks for ALL your wonderful contributions!!!

esha63 said...

Ronnie Urini ‎– Aus Den Kellern Der Nacht

Filmschlumpf said...

Ronnie Urini ‎– Aus Den Kellern Der Nacht 1983

Márcia Tunes said...

Dominique _
Andy -

Marcello 'Maddy Lee' said...

Andy Goldner ‎– ∞ 1978

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you Marcia!!!

Lisa Sinder said...

Many thanks Friends!!!! Thank you Mike! Thank you Esha! Thank you Filmschlumpf!

Márcia Tunes said...

A pleasure to help.
The idea is this share good music always.
Your blog is sensational , congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have none of the albums on your wants list either, but here are a couple of requests that haven't shown up in full on the web yet -
Jones Family Band - An Electrified Joint Effort
Mike Lewis - Wuschel

Thanks for posting all these goodies!

Anonymous said...

great blog! A few requests:

Kiyoshi Tanaka & Super Session - British Rock Live In Japan

Klaus Wirbitzky Und Dieter Zimmermann ‎– Wer Kennt Jürgen Beck? (Originalaufnahmen Des Musicals)

Mike F. said...

I am stunned! Not a single one of these were on RuTracker!

Prozio said...

Mynd Muzic - Imagine (new upload)

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you very much Prozio!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your work on keeping great old music from slipping into obscurity. I would like to add a few names I have searched for a long time.
Sunfield Cosmic Rock 1981.
Wits End Rock And By God Roll 1979.
For Example Swf Session 1973.
Again thank you all for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

this is my second try posting a comment. I ripped and mastered FAK and MEHRWERT. The quality of the mp3s is 320k.
The link is, I hope it does function.
Check it out and enjoy the music.
By the way, my mind says the vocalists of FAK later were members of NON PLUS ULTRA.
Your blog is amazing, keep on blogging like this.
Best wishes

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Rosenkohl1977! thank you so much for MEHRWERT & F.A.K.! great LPs indeed.

I'm going to rip & upload NON PLUS ULTRA very soon.

Thank you again & take care,

Anonymous said...

special thnks for Los Deu Larvath two great folk records
do you evently have "Yves Serge & Victor" "cagibi"
great blog

Anonymous said...

once again a second try, you don't have to rip Non Plus Ultra, because I did it a longer time ago including 12-Inch and LP. The quality is 320k.
Hope the following link works
My vinyl collection in the field of NDW is a good one, for example Nylon Euter, ExKurs, Verlorene Unschuld, Pussy Krull Band and many more. Maybe I am able to help you.
Best wishes

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Rosenkohl1977! I'd appreciate any help, especially in NDW field. I do have LPs by Nylon Euter, ExKurs, Pussy Krull Band & other NDW bands & was going to rip them & post here. Would be really cool to introduce more people to the wonderful world of German Wave. Thank you very much for your support & help & looking forward for new discoveries with your help. Going to post Non Plus Ultra straight away.

Take care,

October Country said...

Absolutely wonderful work Lisa, I can't thank you enough!
And many thanks to everyone who lends a hand in keeping good music alive :)
Darn I don't have any of the LPs on your list but will keep on the lookout ;)
Well here's my current wishlist of elusive rarities that deserve a wider audience:
- Tony's Tygers - Little By Little (1968)
- Electric Jackie & Roy - Grass (1968)
- Mark Winokur - God Fearin' Man (1971)
- Mark Winokur - Jesus Christ Super Stoned (1974)
- Nozomi Aoki & His Magnitude 8 - 1999 A.D. (1974)
- Pichnarcik - Sings Astrology (1976)
- Tim Dawe - Timothy And Mrs. Pickens With Natural Act (1976)
- Jean-Paul Malek - Malek (1977)
- Jean-Paul Malek - J'ai Pas L'temps (1979)
- Sergio Ferraresi & Mario Carrara - 2001 Space Music (1979)
- Smithfield Freeman - Sick-E (1979)
- Space Craft's Men - Adventures (1979)
- Tadashi Goino Group - Messenger From The Seventh Dimension (1979)
- Mike Lundy - The Rhythm Of Life (1980)
- Mark Beer - Dust On The Road (1981)
- Catfish - Transactor (1981)
- Terutsugu Hirayama - Castle Of Noi (1983)
- Bob Bath Band - Traces Of Illusion (1984)
- Alfred Harth - This Earth! (1984)

Thank you so much for everything,
the musical sanctuary you've created here is truly wonderful
and always brings a smile to my face :)

zero said...


here´s a link for Günter Stössel - Globetrottel Rag:

Thanks a lot for all the interesting music on your blog!

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Zero! Many thanks for your support!

Kind regards,

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Rosenkohl1977!

Would be great if you can share Verlorene Unschuld. Looking forward & thank you!

Take care,

Lisa Sinder said...
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StºJames Jazz Club said...

HI Lisa thank´s in first place for all the gem´s that i take from your blog , i´m searching for this:

thank´s in advance .......!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
i have so much i am looking for, i will post the request one day later on, but what i am really very much after is this one:

Lee Riders - The Lee Riders 1972

Maybe someone can help

Cheers to you all

tom tom said...

Greetings from Austria!

You can download the Hallucination Company album from our blog here:

Take Care


Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Thomas!

Greetings from Moscow) Many thanks for the Hallucination Company - finally I can listen to this LP) Great blog you have!

Many thanks,

tom tom said...

You're welcome Lisa!

You can find all these Austrian LPs here, that Hans Pokora listed in his Collectors Dreams books!

Take Care


Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Pete,

Please post the link & your contact here (won't be published)

Take care,

tom tom said...

Merry Christmas LISA!
The link to the FREAK WEBER LP is in the Shoutbox of MUSIKvonDAHAM!

PS. KON-G-NIAL is an Austrian band!
It happens very often that Austrian Bands are filed under 'Germany' because many bands recorded in Germany or were on German labels!

Thank you for all your work on your BLOG that I know for years!!!!
And don't hang around.....


Anonymous said...


PATERSON - Beautiful Alternative

Anonymous said...

VONO dinner for one'72%29.rar - Kraftwerk K4(1971) - Kraftwerk 2 [1971]

Mike F. said...

Here are some albums I would love to see here that I either have but cannot find for download anywhere or that I have heard of and have wanted to hear and again: cannot find for download anywhere.

Dominique Lawalree - Jardins Secrets (France 1992)
Dominique Lawalree - Symphony De L'Espoir (Belgium 1985)
Dominique Lawalree - Litanies Du Monde A Venir (Belgium 1985)
Dominique Lawalree - Taciturne (Belgium 1984)
Dominique Lawalree - Vice Versa (Belgium 1980)
Dominique Lawalree - Traces (Belgium 1979)
Dominique Lawalree - Vis A Vis (Belgium 1979)
Dominique Lawalree - Brins D'Herbe (Belgium 1978)
Dominique Lawalree - Le Cjoix Du Titre Est Un Faux Probleme (Belgium 1977)
Dominique Lawalree - Infinitudes (Belgium 1976)
Dominique Lawalrée / Conrad Setó / Albert Giménez - Six Jours À Barcelone (Spain. 7" EP, 1983)
Lawalree / R. Fesler / Oosterlynck / De Visscher - Untitled (Belgium 2LP Compilation 1984)

Antonio Sangiuliano - Take Off (Italy 1978)

Riccardo Zappa - Transparenze (1980 Italy)
Riccardo Zappa - Haermea (1982 Italy)
Riccardo Zappa - Riccardo Zappa (1983 Italy)

Baffo Banfi - Galaxy My Dear (1978 Italy)

Calliope - Las Terra Dei Grandi Occhi (1992 Italy)
Calliope - Citta Di Frontiera (1993 Italy)
Calliope - Il Madrigale Del Vento (1995 Italy)

Futuro Antico - Dai primitivi all'elettronica (1980 Italy)
Futuro Antico - Futuro Antico (1980 Italy)

Il Giro Strano - La divina commedia (? Italy)

Horus - Stelle di battaglia (? Italy)

Nomadi - Per quando noi non ci saremo (1967 Italy)
Nomadi - I Nomadi (1968 Italy)
Nomadi - Mille e una sera (1971 Italy)
Nomadi - So che mi perdonerai (1971 Italy)
Nomadi - Io vagabondo (1972 Italy)
Nomadi - I Nomadi cantano Guccini (1973 Italy)
Nomadi - Un giorno insieme (1973 Italy)
Nomadi - Canzoni d'oltremanica e d'oltreoceano (1974 Italy)
Francesco Guccini & I Nomadi - Album Concerto (1979 Italy)

Nova - Blink (1975 Italy)
Nova Vimana (1976 Italy)

Il Systema - Il viaggio senza andata (? - Italy)

Anonymous said...

Kobra - Orient Express (1983) [mp3@V0]
81,7 MB - artwork included