Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dancer - Tales Of the Riverbank (1972)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


Mike F. said...

I have to say: From the Cornufolkia collection through to this album here I downloaded each and every posting.

When I was a music obsessed kid from the age of about 7 through to the end of my teens and I lived at home twice every year (Christtmas and my birthday) a few weeks or months before each I would start looking in the record stores for what I would want to get that year. And MOST of my choices were based entirely on how cool the record might have looked (bonus posters and elaborate covers etc never hurt an album's chance of making it onto my lists) and over the course of about a month I would make a list of about 15 LP's that I would want (I might get 10 of what I wrote down and I had to be specific - and after getting 13 copies of the first Blind Faith album one year when everybody I knew bought it for me I also had to be careful about what I asked for and from whom). These lists and then seeing what I wound up getting were the highlights of my year, record wise (as well as the following weeks where I would use my birthday or Christmas money to buy the albums I wanted but did not get as well as new ones that had come out since the lists were made). These lists would be about half new releases by bands I already knew and liked and the rest would be mostly stuff that just looked like something I might want to check out and knew little or nothing about - the way I have always bought music. One of my greatest joys in life would be to buy something I had little or no clue about whether I might actually like it or not and take it home and find out I liked what I had chosen. My hit and miss ratio was actually very good.

Well... since living on my own and being an adult needless to say I rarely get anything for Christmas or my birthdays any longer, so both have no real sense of excitement or occasion for me any longer (yes: I was about the most present oriented kid you could imagine when it came to those days) and this past week with the stuff I have seen uploaded on your blog (and this week it really was almost exclusively your blog) and jumped on instantly it actually feels like Christmas used to feel to me for the first time in well over 30 years.

Thank you for reminding me about how that excitement felt again.

trank grappa said...

what a very nice comment! :)
i remember very well, when i went to the record store back in the 70ies. i was always looking at the covers that were presented on the wall and got inspired by the look of the covers - in the same matter as you. sometimes i did listen to them in the store and i bought many records just because of the cool cover and was positively surprised by the music that was on there :)
music is the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa. My experience is like that of the other commenters. Many thanks for your great blog!