Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cair Paravel - Some Other Morning (1976)

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Mike F. said...

Thank you SO much for posting this and the Paradise Square albums. You made my day. I know a lot of collectors sneer at the notion of anything that falls into the "Christian Rock" actually being really good, but these two extremely rare and extraordinarily expensive to buy albums are both albums any collector of good music should give a chance to.

I suppose lucky for me that I have an amazing ability to completely ignore lyrics (but that comes in very handy for a lot of albums in general, not just Christian oriented ones).

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this rare Xian-ish Folk LP.

Here's a text file for it

Cair Paravel - Some Other Morning (1976)

Koala KOA PO16 UK 1976 (only 250 copies)
LP reissue Sommor SOMM019 Spain 2015

Beautiful delicate British progressive folk custom featuring lovely female
lead singing alternating with fragile male vocals that are imperfect yet
charming. This is an exceptional record, on equal footing with classics
like Presence and Caedmon. Several songs combine acoustic guitar
and piano for soft melancholy moods, including ‘Just A Beginner’,
‘Better Day’, the title track, and ‘Hill Climbing For Beginners’, the latter a
cover of the Water Into Wine Band song. Other selections like ‘A Song
For Judas’, ‘Longer And Longer’, ‘Sand In My Shoes’ and ‘Winter Lady’
build a brisk folky sound, skillfully mixing rhythm and lead acoustic guitar.
Gorgeous ethereal female vocals on ‘September Night Song’ and
‘Summer’s End’. A super rarity, too - don’t be surprised to see a four-
digit price tag! The group’s name is derived from The Chronicles Of
Narnia, as is the attractive b&w pen-and-ink cover artwork. Pete Ryder
and Sian Harry are members of the group – who had an excellent LP
On Our Way Home (1978) on the Profile label.
(Ken Scott - Archivist)

01 Just A Beginner 3:15
02 September Night Song 2:27
03 A Song For Judas 3:11
04 Longer And Longer 3:34
05 Some Other Morning 4:35
06 Hill Climbing For Beginners 2:32
07 Sand In My Shoes 4:16
08 Summers End 3:12
09 Winter Lady 2:30
10 Better Day 2:41
11 Look To You 3:49

Pete Ryder - vocals, guitar
Sian Harry - piano
Maggie Delves - vocals, mandolin
Barry Walton - bass, vocals

wcpaeb said...


I have this LP on my HDD MP3@320

Pete Ryder & Sian Harry - On Our Way Home (Profile GMOR 166) 1978 UK

If you want I can easily upload it to my MEGA account and send you the link

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi wcpaeb!

Would be really great if you can post the link - thank you in advance, Lisa