Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Miles Martin Folk Group - The Miles Martin Folk Group (1971)

don't hang around, enjoy good music!


mac man said...

Could some kind soul post a link to a flac d/l of their 2 albums , sadly there is precious little available on the web , mac

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this LP

Mac I too would like a link to D/L a flac but happy with the MP3 until that time comes.
I've not found any evidence of a second LP perhaps you could supply some info. I do know that about 15 years ago there was a reissue of this LP on CD (tho probably not an official release) it had a different cover to the this reissue posted here.

wcpaeb said...

Here's a text file for this LP:

Miles Martin Folk Group ‎– Miles Martin Folk Group (1971) MP3@320

recorded in January 1971
Amber ‎– CP101 UK Ultra rare private release, only 99 copies exist?
Reissued by Audio Archives (AACD 044) in 2001. 35:30

1 Leaves That Are Green 2:06
2 Polly Von 3:56
3 Kilfenora Jig 1:41
4 Ye Jacobites By Name 2:51
5 Once I Had A Sweetheart 3:12
6 Fast Freight 3:43
7 October Song 3:22
8 I Never Will Marry 2:52
9 Grandfather's Clock 1:30
10 Geordie 3:07
11 Gone The Rainbow 2:43
12 Sunday Rainbow 4:15

Tony Martin - vocals, guitar, banjo, bouzouki
Lynn Miles - vocals, whistle
Barry Martin - vocals, mandolin,12 string guitar
with John Turner - string bass

wcpaeb said...

OOps I meant the cover posted here is of the reissue on CD from 2001 so maybe the 2nd LP you are referring to is just the front cover of the original release on LP which has a fine pencil sketch of their faces..... Tony, Lynn and Barry.