Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Eden Rose - On the Way to Eden (1970)

France, progressive

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andre said...

Eden Rose is nice Prog.but the archiv is not ok.The first title is destroyd.

Lisa Sinder said...

Just checked -plays well

andre said...

Hello again
I downloaded again,same problem i get a crc remind and i am not able to unpack the first title.
ps.Have you Human Insinct - Snathim Cuttin or THE hustler?

Fabio Brasil said...

Unfortunately the first (eden rose) and last track (under the sun) are missed.I'll try download again.

Anonymous said...

Very good album!...but it's corrupted(only 29 min.?).There's no tracks 1 and 9.
Anyway, excellent post. Thanks.

kosice said...

Hi Lisa,

I was not able to extract the first track from the archive, as well...I have the same problem with Total Issue (track 5 or 6, if I remember correctly).


Anonymous said...

Yes Lisa,
I have the same problem when extracting your file for Eden Rose.
It says (Bad Block) for the first track "On the Way to Eden" with (Error 25116).
Keep on your excellent work here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lisa!
Great post!


Anonymous said...

Riverman206 says:

The working link is:

Many Thanks El Camaleon Blog!!!