Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hybride - Ca n'a pas d'importance (1977)

France. Need more information

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kosice said...

Thank you, Lisa - this is a very good album by a group that I never heard of before. Above average hard-rock with heavy guitar and drums, even some bursts of fuzz guitar. And the songs are quite interesting and unpredictable - good stuff!


Anonymous said...

This is very local band from Franche Comté (Eastern part of France), with Robert DEFER on guitar (later in ANGE). They released this single album.



micksguitar said...

great post. as are most of yours. thanx very much..mick.

Anonymous said...

Any chanve to re-upload?

Anonymous said...


isabelbc said...

HYBRIDE was a hard rock band from Belfort aera, ANGE's hometown, which is known to have ANGE late seventies guitarisr Robert DEFER? What it is funny is that I have their master tape in my cellar because it was released by FLVM label who gave me a lot of its master tapes when label stopped, it was JM BAILLEUX's label, who was a rock critic and speacialist of prog and French prog in the seventies. He released some album (whom TREPONEM PAl, FORGAS..) on his own label GRATTE CIEL. His other label FLVM was a kind of strcuture to help self released to be issued but distribution was made by groupes themselves. If needed, I can give any explanations about French labels of the seventies... by Francis Grosse