Sunday, July 15, 2007

Los Microwaves

Los Microwaves play quirky synth-pop with a punk attitude, rhythmic ("Time To Get Up") and melodic ("What's That Got To Do"). The band prove a formidable groove machine ("TV In My Eye", "Coast To Coast"), worthy successors of the B-52's and Polyrock.

Despite the seemingly pop settings, electronics can border on dissonance ("Is There Life After Breakfast"), while the group can easily adapt it's style to incorporate the surf stylings of "Forever", the jazzy bassline & keyboards of "Postponed Is Not Forgotten", the synth-brass of "La Voix Humaine", the no-wave of "If You Want It" etc.

Los Microwaves are synth-punks with an uncanny ability for grooves, as well as an intellectual background. By ILY

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Los Microwaves - Life After Breakfast (1981)

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evergrey said...

excuse for my english,(i'm French) you have CHALIBAUDE "les noces du papillon" (my favorite folk's band with malicorne and g.yacoub) but the link is out, can you re-upload the disk?'s very difficult to find this album. Now, the lp it's 100€ aaarrrgggg!!!
thank you very mutch...
bonne journée.