Thursday, July 05, 2007

Matadors - Matadors (1968)

The Matadors were a Czech band who had hits in Germany and flourished during the 1968 anti communist uprising in Czech. Members of this band are now in the Czech Government! This CD is a collection of all their recordings. AMAZING, WILD Psych/Freakbeat that is like a cross between The Pretty things, early Floyd and Vanilla Fudge. A Total clasic with stunning sound quality, English vocals etc. Official release that contains 24 tracks including the rare EP's and singles that were issued on the Supraphon records (Czech releases only). Freak Emporium

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Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for ALL the music.
I do appreciate!
Btw, is there a chance of getting the tracklist?
Thx again.

Anonymous said...

thanx for the great posts
it seems you have uploaded the same files on part 1 and part 2.
could you check and correct please.

stg said...


Some tracklist can be found at but it lists only 22 tracks. If anyone has a complete tracklist for this release please post it!

Anonymous said...

1. Farmer John 1:50
2. Sing A Song Of Sixpence 1:53
3. Locomotion With You 1:26
4. Pay, Pay Twist 2:12
5. Snad jednou ti dám 2:30
6. Malej zvon, co mám 3:51
7. Don't Bother Me 2:32
8. Old Mother Hubbard 2:07
9. Hate Everything Except Of Hatter 3:28
10. Get Down From The Tree 3:28
11. I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine 3:09
12. Indolence 3:52
13. Get Down From The Tree 3:28
14. I Want To See You 2:21
15. My Girl 3:00
16. Bad, Bad Bird 2:29
17. I'm So Lonesome (Out Of Reach) 4:15
18. Extraction 5:50
19. Shotgun 2:55
20. Hate Everything Except Of Hattered 3: 30
21. I Feel So Lonely 4:03
22. I Must Hope 3:32
23. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:27
24. You'll Be Mine 2:26

1-4: EP, 1966
5-6: SP, 1966
7,8, 10, 11: Sampler New Club 67
9,10,11,12: EP, 1967
13-24: LP 1968

Notice: no member of The Matadors is in Czech Government. Only former singer Vladimír Mišík (tracks 6,7,8, later in Blue Effect, Flamengo, Etc...) was fifteen-seventeen years ago, shortly after the Velvet Revolution, member of Czech National Comittee.

Anonymous said...

Sorry: Tracks 1-13 are from LP (12-24 in my tracklist), 14-17 from first EP (1-4 in my tracklist), 18-19 from first SP (5,6 in my tracklist) and so on.

Kikas said...

This is great, I have it on original vinyl from Supraphon and I like them very much.
Thank you very much, by this gem now in digital format.
Best regards from Azores Islands

Steven K said...

Teriffic stuff! Thank you very much for this, Lisa!


esmenard.victor said...

Good stuff. Thank you :-)

Thalamus said...

I have the Supraphon vinyl too! Thanks a lot for this extended presentation of one of my favorites from my previous life!

Sincerely yours,


Bojislav said...

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I am from Slovakia. thank you:)